Kyoto Kawaramchi Gojo.  For sightseeing! For business! Best location for all.  - From Kyoto station ...Walk for 15 minutes The nearest bus stop ...To south Kawaramachi-shomen ...To north Kawaramachi-Gojo

Dear Our Valued Guests

Thank you for your continued patronage.
Our hotel has continued to operate with the kindness of everyone, but it was temporarily closed from May 6, 2020 in
compliance with the COVID-19 new coronavirus infection spread measure. And unfortunately we decided to closed
down without resumed operations.

We welcomed guests at this hotel and had many wonderful encounters.
The guests regularly put up our hotel not only in Japan but also from overseas every year at the same time or when
there is an event in Kyoto, when we see the guests off, they always told "See you next in ..." "See you next year ...".
The guests who showed us their photos and shared us about their memories of the trip, making us feel as if we were
there and had the same experience.
We received some warm words from the reply to the Welcome board, letters, etc., and my feelings were positive, and
we were energized.
Although it is impossible to write all the memory that we spend with our guests in this way, each and every one of us
remains deeply in our hearts.
We look forward to meeting many people from now on, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for
your patronage so far.

In addition, since June, affiliated hotel "Eco and Tech Kyoto" resumed operations.
Please continue to support our branch hotel which is Eco and Tec Kyoto.

Econo-inn Kyoto

  • ECO + TEC Kyoto - Ecology + Economy + LongStay
  • Lounge of KYOTO style [Kyoto Kamogawa Club]
  • Ozashiki Francais Restaurant [LA CACHETTE]

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